Melissa and Zu ADC, Lisa and Willow ADC, Louise and Leif AADC, Bob and Rian AADC, Gail and Jade AADC, Marti and Micah Standard Bronze and Bronze Award of Merit, Kathleen and Scottie, Standard Gold and Gold Award of Merit, Arlene and Kappi ADC, Kathryn and Luna AADC, Janet and Tosh AADC, Monika and Zing Zing MAD and ATCH, Mika and Arya MAD, Jacqui and Pique Silver Award of Merit, Philippa and Lukka Gold Standard, Marti and Gabbi Silver Expert Standard and Silver Award of Merit.

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March 2017 results here http://ravedogsports.com/blog/results-march-2017/